"Administrative Support" Department

  • supports the Institute's director in the recruitment, attestation and career development of the personnel;
  • organizes forking out the documents on ensuring healthy and safe labor conditions;
  • works out and takes part in working out of The Rules on the internal labor order in the Defence Institute;
  • takes part in working out the annual and monthly planning documents, as well as in reporting on the fulfilling the tasks of the Defence Institute;
  • organizes working out information documents, certificates, reports, requests and other documents, concerning the institute's administrative activity;
  • works out written positions and participates in working groups on some projects of normative acts, conceptions, programs and others;
  • takes in and frames came in signals and letters, concerning the corruption,  works out and sends to the Ministry of Defence monthly written information on it;
  • is responsible for keeping the personal files of the military and civilian personnel, as well as those of the state employees;
  • keeps the registers, concerning the accounting of institute's personnel.