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2022-06-27 iProcureNet

Advanced Security Procurement Conference

The second Advanced Security Procurement Conference of iProcureNet took place in Lisbon at Policia Judiciaria. If you missed it, stay tuned, the conference is coming on Youtube soon. 

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Prof. Dr.Sc. Yantsislav Yanakiev, leader of WP2 “Intelligence process and preliminary requirements”

The First NOTIONES Conference: Emerging Technologies for Law Enforcement and Intelligence Services took place on June 15th, 2022 in Brussels.
Two experts from the Defence Institute – Prof. Dr.Sc. Yantsislav Yanakiev and Ms. Iva Ranova took part in it.
The goal of the NOTIONES conference was to deepen the understanding of existing and emerging technologies in the fields of intelligence and law enforcement. The program included a keynote speech, presentations about the NOTIONES project, and a panel discussion. During the conference, the participants could also engage in sessions and workshops.

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Moderators of the plenary session

After two pandemic years, the CREST project conducted its plenary meeting on 09 and 10.03.2022 in Lisbon, Portugal. The meeting was organized by Polícia Judiciária (Portuguese Criminal Police) and was held at its premises.

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 Third demonstration of ROBORDER in Greece

It is our pleasure to announce that the third demonstration of ROBORDER in Greece was executed successfully the previous week (28/06-01/07). The scope of the demonstration was to validate in different scenarios under real conditions for maritime operations, the main system’s readiness towards the early detection of unauthorized sea border crossing, the immediate briefing and dispatch of the directly-involved units and the surveillance of specific areas in order to detect and analyse incidents of illegal vessel movements.

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Second demonstration of ROBORDER in Bulgaria

The second test and demonstration of the ROBORDER project ( funded by Horizon 2020 Program of the European Commission took place from 21 to 25 June 2021 in Stara Zagora. Various operational scenarios for detection and identification of specific activities related to unregulated crossing of protected areas were successfully carried out. The event was attended by foreign partners and specialists from Tsvetan Lazarov Defence Institute.

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