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2020-03-12 The Defence Institute to the MoD announced the results of the tests with the textiles, designated for the protective clothes against COVID-19

On 11-th March 2020, in the Defence Institute "Prof. Tsvetan Lazarov", in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev, the Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev, the Deputy Minister of Health dr. Boyko Penkov, the Deputy Minister of Defence Atanas Zapryanov, the Deputy Chief of Defence vice-admiral Emil Eftimov and major-general Ventsislav Mutafchiyski - Chief of the Military Medical Academy and Head of the National Operative Staff for counteraction to COVID-19, there have been announced the results of the tests with the textiles, designated for the protective clothes, which production will be started immediately. 
For that purpose, during foregoing night, the expert team of the Central Testing Laboratory for logistics properties to the Institute, performed in an extraordinary way the relevant specialized tests. In this connection and on the occasion of the elaboration in only two days of some models of protective clothes, the Minister of Health expressed his own gratitude to the MoD and the Defence Institute. Mentioned protective clothes will be designated for the medical personnel, engaged in counteraction to the dissemination of COVID-19.

2020-03-09 Certificate for high achievements for BULGARIAN DEFENCE INSTITUTE – the most successful organization in Horizon 2020, Secure societies area

The Bulgarian Defence Institute “Professor Tsvetan Lazarov” was awarded a Certificate for high achievements for sustainable capacity development and successful project implementation under the Horizon 2020 Framework Program. The Certificate was served by Mrs. Karina Angelieva - Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Bulgaria.
Ceremony was held during the conference “Horizon Europe – education, innovation, and research”, 6th March 2020, in University of Economics, Varna, were European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society Mariya Gabriel, Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Domchev, MEP Emil Radev, rectors of universities and many guests from the field of education and science presented the new framework program.
The Bulgarian Defence Institute is the only one defence research organization that has received this very prestigious award for its active role and experience in applying for and implementing European projects, for developing its scientific potential and for international cooperation.



All of us are on the eve of the National Day of Bulgaria – March 3, the Liberation Day of Bulgaria from the Ottoman dominion!

At this memorable date in the Bulgarian history was signed the peace treaty in San Stefano, which ended the Russo-Turkish War from 1877 to 1878 and Bulgaria resurrected again on the geographic map as an independent state. This became possible after the fierce battles of the Bulgarian militia and the troops under the command of the Russian Emperor Alexander II at Pleven, Stara Zagora, Sheinovo and the Shipka Peak, where their unexemplary heroism was covered with unfaded glory.

Eternal memory of the heroes who gave their lives for the liberation of Bulgaria!


The leadership of the Institute of Defence "Professor Tsvetan Lazarov" expresses sincere condolences to the relatives of General Andrey Botsev!
A proven friend of the Defense Institute has gone!
Farewell, our General!


On 28 January, 2020, in Brussels was carried out a preliminary review of the implementation of FOLDOUT European project, which consists in some analyses and evaluation of the achieved results in project  work packages, as well as in a reviewing the plan for its implementation. Besides the partners in realization of the FOLDOUT project,   in the working meeting took part the evaluator and the supervising officers from the European Commission. The Defence Institute was presented at the meeting by col. assoc. prof. dr. Nikolai Stoianov - Deputy Director of the Institute and major Tsvetelin Tsonev - senior expert in it.

The dramatically increased illegal migration and the lack of an effective control, both on EU borders and on the areas of interest (firing grounds, military and strategic objects from the critical infrastructure), imposed to undertake the realization of the FOLDOUT project. This project, which is part of the UC`s "Horizon 2020" programme, started on 1 September, 2018 and its duration is 42 months. Its essence is to build, develop, test and demonstrate an intelligent system, focusеd on through foliage detection of people and vehicles in inner and outermost regions of the EU, by applying of some innovative methods for processing the information flow, as well as by applying of  some technologies for control (for example - deep scan sensors and cetera), other than existing ones. This will significantly increase the efficiency in the through-foliage detection of moving objects.


FOLDOUT - Through-foliage detection, including in the outermost regions of the EU.