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"Military Standardization and Certification" Department

  • Certifies Quality Management Systems of products related to defense for compliance with Allied Assurance Publications of AQAPs series;
  • Certifies defense related products;
  • Certifies physical security equipment for classified information, intended for use by organizational units within and outside the MoD, BAF and structures, directly subordinate to  the Minister of Defence;
  • Organizes the development, coordination, approval, registration, distribution, storage and update of military standardization documents;
  • Coordinates the participation of representatives from MoD, Bulgarian Armed Forces (BAF) and structures, directly subordinate to the Minister of Defence, in the Technical Committees of the Bulgarian Standardization Agency;
  • Organizes and coordination the process of ratification, approval and implementation of NATO standardization documents and maintains STANDARD information system;
  • Coordinates the cooperation in the field of military standardization within NATO, European Union and on bilateral basis;
  • Coordinates the participation of national representatives from MoD, BAF and structures, directly subordinate to the Minister of Defence, in the working bodies of NATO Standardization Agency;
  • Organizes and manages the activities on the establishment of approved Bulgarian military terminology, based on NATO standardization documents;
  • Participates in the preparation of tactical technical assignment, technical specifications, test methodologies, etc., related to the development of military equipment and systems, armaments and ammunition, C4I systems and physical security systems for classified information;
  • Participates in the process of developing, coordinating, approval, registering, issuing, updating, storing and distributing national military standardization documents.

Issued documents:

  • Certificate of compliance of quality management systems with the requirements of NATO Allied Quality Assurance Publications;
  • Certificate of Compliance for defense-related products;
  • Certificate of physical security equipment for classified information.