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“Communication networks and systems” Department

  • performs scientific research, applied and experimental design activity in the area of Command and control systems and technologies applicable in the field;
  • develops scientific analyzes and forecasts related to the development of Command and Control Systems and technologies in this field;
  • Analyzes operational-tactical requirements for command and control systems in order to define their TACs characteristics;
  • develops projects, technical specifications, TACs, testing programs and methodologies expertise, analysis and more documents related to the development of the Command and control systems of the Bulgarian Army and the technologies used in this field;
  • prepares analyzes on the status of the weapons, C4I systems in the field of radar, radio navigation and electronic warfare. Preparation of perspective forecasts for their development;
  • provides with scientific technical expertise the activities for design and construction of command and control systems;
  • conducts scientific technical support in the research and development phase of command and control systems, risk assessment and prevention at the earliest possible stage of critical points in order to avoid losses and unwanted consequences;
  • assisting and providing with scientific technical expertise the activities of the Arms Council;
  • preparation of testing programs and methodologies, technical expertise and reports, conclusions and protocols related to the life cycle of defense products;
  • certifies the physical security systems of classified information;
  • organizes and conducts presentations and demonstrations to companies and organizations, offering defense products for the needs of the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces;
  • solving radar tasks for the detection and tracking of low-flying targets using the Geographic Information System and Technology;
  • participates in programs, projects, developments and others in the field of applied research and technologies of Command and Control Systems within NATO, the European Union and bilaterally;
  • cooperates with the defense industry and exchanges of experience;
  • conducts military-economic analyzes in the field of command and control systems;
  • publishes the results of the research and experimental activities;
  • organizes, conducts and participates in scientific conferences, exhibitions, seminars, symposia and courses, develops and publishes monographs, studies, articles, collections and more in the field of C4I systems;
  • conducts training in educational and scientific degree "doctor" in accredited scientific specialties.